Fairtree Racing

Responsibility. Confidence. Discipline. Respect. Humanity


Fairtree Imperial Cannondale Racing Team

The Fairtree Racing team aims to provide a first-class biking experience combined with our passion to make a difference in our community. This is done by creating opportunities for talented young individuals – either through riding or through related work opportunities.

Our Vision

Responsibility. Confidence. Discipline. Respect. Humanity.

At Fairtree Racing we have a culture of promoting a healthy lifestyle using the discipline of cycling to address both sporting and social challenges. The Fairtree Racing Team is a positive example to others and illustrates that sport has the power to unite communities and change individual circumstances. We strive for excellence and our aim is to prove that through hard work and dedication full potential can be reached and results can be achieved.

The Fairtree Racing Team has proved that through dedication and hard work great results can be achieved. Our aim is to keep the Racing Team small and manageable, with personal attention given to each rider. The individuals in the Racing Team are incredibly dedicated and we know that this commitment to excellence will produce the results that the riders strive for.


Meet The Team

Team Manager | Unathi Msophi | 30 Yrs

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He is the Manager overseeing the trail building team at the Stellenbosch Trail Fund and was intricately involved in the UCI MTB World Cup in Stellenbosch. His willingness to sacrifice weekends to get the team to events and constant motivation has contributed to the success of the team.

Team Member | Siyabulela ‘Rasta’ Tutu | 27 Yrs

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Rasta has completed two ABSA Cape Epics and has even raced in Columbia! A highly experienced and quality rider Rasta assisted Zola to complete his first ABSA Cape Epic in 2018. Always quick to laugh and to pull off a great dance move this “madala” of the team knows how to ride a bike!

Team Member | Luyanda Thobigunya | 22 Yrs

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Luyanda is our top rider, clinching the Origins of Trails top spot in 2016. His partnership with Lorenzo Le Roux has gone from strength to strength and we look forward to watching them attempt a top 100 finish in the 2021 ABSA Cape Epic. He currently works at Casa Cerveza and is a great asset to making Fairtree racing team a centre of excellence.

Team Member | Lorenzo Le Roux | 25 Yrs

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Lorenzo started cycling in 2011 and has competed in the Attakwas,
Tankwa Trek and the Wines2Whales cross country races. He has a
few marathons races under his belt and the 2021 Absa Cape Epic will be his third.
2016: Wines to wales- 2nd | Die Burger – 4th
2017: Absa Cape Epic

Team Member | Sive Boyce (Besty) | 25 Yrs

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Besty is the rose amongst the thorns of our Fairtree team. She will be running (no pun intended) the Boschendal’s park run so keep an eye out for her infectious smile. She works at Casa Cerveza and will be taking part in her first Wines2Whales in 2021.

Team Member | Thembela Lukalo

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Thembela joined us in 2021 and has grown from strength to strength. A talented mountain biker and runner, he has completed 2 Cape Epics and various trail running races. He works for Stellenbosch Trail Fund in Stellenbosch, being a key member of the team that looks after our amazing trails. Thembela lives in Kayamandi Stellenbosch.

Team Member | Ongeziwe Tyapa

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Ongeziwe joined us in 2021 and comes from a road riding background. He attempted his first Cape Epic in 2022 and unfortunately crashed out. Instead of being disillusioned by the crash he has persevered and has formed a key partnership with Kusasehlihle (Lihle) in our main Exarro Category team. He will be riding his first Wines2Whales in 2022 partnering Lihle in the Exarro Catogory. Ongeziwe lives in Kayalitsha Cape Town and works as a MTB guide from Casa Cerveza Stellenbosch.

Team Member | Avuyile Mhlahlo

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Avuyile joined us in 2021 and came from a road riding background. His transition to mountain biking has been fantastic and he has completed one Cape Epic. Avuyile lives in Kayalitsha Cape Town and works as a MTB guide from Casa Cerveza Stellenbosch.

Team Member | Ann Swanepoel

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Ann joined us in 2022 and came from an Enduro riding background. Ann has formed a key partnership in our one ladies team with Sive Boyce. She will ride her first Wines2Whales in 2023. Ann lives in Durban.

Team Member | Kusaselihle Ngidi

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Lihle joined us in 2020 and has grown from strength to strength. He has had some incredible results in 2022, coming second in the Zuurberg Trek and 4th at Sani2c with Luyanda Tobigunya. He forms a key partnership with Ongeziwe at the 2022 Wines2Whales race in the Exarro Category. Lihle lives in Durban, valley of 1000 hills and works as a MTB guide from Casa Cerveza Stellenbosch.

Team Captain | Thando Ntuthu | 33 Yrs

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The team captain that has been with Fairtree since 2008 and
the glue that keeps the team together. His riding has grown from strength to strength and 2018 we look forward to giving him more opportunities in XC races. A highly talented mechanic, he is currently doing a course through ETA, kindly sponsored by the ABSA Cape Epic for which we are extremely grateful. A family man and a great contributor to Fairtree’s success we are grateful to have this kind of quality person amongst us.

Team Member | Bongani Bhusakwe | 26 Yrs

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Bongani has completed one ABSA Cape Epic (2017) and a few Wines2Whales events. A highly skilled mechanic and rider, he loves nothing better than to look after peoples equipment. He is always involved in events and forms an intricate part of our service team at the ABSA Cape Epic and Wines2Whales. He is the traveling mechanic with the Unogwaja charity event and loves to travel. Despite losing his brother in 2017 “Bongs” is always armed with a smile and a phenomenal attitude to life.

Team Member | Sandiso Xethu | 26 Yrs

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Known as the team joker with the apt nickname, Sunny. Sunny has
completed two ABSA Cape Epics and two Wines2Whales and also
raced XC for South Africa. An extremely talented rider who never loses his sense of humor. He raced the 2018 ABSA Cape Epic with Stephen Brown from Fairtree Capital and is currently one of the managers and tour guides at the Boschendal Trail Centre.

Team Member | Theo Ngubane | 22 Yrs

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Theo has fantastic downhill skills and has podiumed in downhill
competitions. Ably assisted by Dewald Oosthuizen from Hellsend bike shop we look forward to watching his progress in this discipline. Theo has studied to be an architect and is currently employed as the manager of the Plesir De Merle Wine Estate trail centre.

Team Member | Clinton Sayi | 26 Yrs

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Clinton joined the team in 2021. Clinton currently works at
Dirtopia based on Muratie Wine Estate. He is an amazing trail
builder and has created incredible trails on the Simonsberg Fairtree contour for riders to enjoy. A mountain biker with many skills we look forward to creating opportunities for him to participate in top races.

For more information on the Fairtree Racing Team,
contact Chris Norton: chrisnorton@casacerveza.co.za  | (021) 023 0346